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The door is open to all who would enter . . . May you find that which you seek
Please...Step into my world...

~*~ Michelle ~*~

Hi...Welcome to my humble abode. I will always be working on it...
so please be patient while everything grows and gets sorted out.
Feel free to browse or pass on through and come back
another time to see what is happening around here.

~*~ A little about Me ~*~

I'm 38 years old (ancient on some days and adolescent on others).
Single mom of 10 year old twin boys who are both a great joy and an exasperation.
Currently living in the northern end of California: not too far from Oregon,
I work with Special Education kids in a great school (I love 'em!),
Seems like I have been working on my education forever but that's okay
since I like learning and exploring new things, too.

In my spare time I read, write, cook, hunt for bargains,
listen to classic rock/blues/country music, drive to the mountains
or the lakes, raft the river, go camping, and sometimes
I relax at home enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while exploring the world wide web.

Thanks for checking this page out and I hope to see you again soon.

Keep on Dreaming....

~*~ Miche11e's Poetry ~*~

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Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit...please check back again soon...

Take care til next we meet again...

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