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Long time no see!!.............. It's been two long years since I started my journey through Cyberspace. I was in deep space and was unable to report back as I was in some kind of magnetic storm which cut off all forms of communications. Well!!......... I'm back again now that the magnetic storm has subsided and things are back to normal. The starship is in good shape and now ready to take off again for more deep cyberspace exploration. Hereeeeeeeeeeeeee we go.

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Email me. Definitely appreciate your Constructive Feedback.
About Me. Some Information about myself.
Photos. Various photos in general. Myself included. Also photos of IRC #Chatpalace regulars.
Singapore. Provide links to various interesting Sites in SINGAPORE.
Singapore GOLF. Links and information concerning GOLF in SINGAPORE.
GOLF. Links to various GOLF SITES World Wide.
Golf Balls. Golf Balls Collectors Club.
Free Stuffs. Links to sites where you can get free stuffs to help build your webpages. Email addresses, webspaces, banners, graphics, counters, etc
Free Softwares. Links to various sites offering free softwares and programs, IRC programs, sharewares, etc.
Search Engines. Links to various Search Engines on the Web.
Maritime Stuffs. Containing Links to various Maritime information. Shipping companies, Classification Societies, Associations, Organisations, Department of Transportation, Ports, etc.
Personal Homepages. Links to various Personal Homepages. If you would like have your homepage linked, just fill in your URL here and submit to me.
Humour. Various links concerning Humour.
Ask Uncle Page. Anything you would like to ask uncle. Anything at all. You know just like the "Agony Aunt" Selected ones will appear on "Ask Uncle Page."
Others. Various other information and links not listed under above categories.

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