Hi. If you have seen this page before, you probably noticed Ive changed it. Actually, I deleted all except this part of it. I mean, you see all these pages that people do, you know, they have stuff about them, their interests, their favorite music, crap like that. But honestly, WHO FREAKING CARES!!! After I realized that, I saw that I had also been sucked into the same pretenses. So, in a futile attempt to cleanse myself of these technological distractions, I have erased my page(s). I still have the same email, for those who knew it, and will continue to check it occasionally. Life is too short to sit in a chair and stair at a screen for hours on end. Just think, If a car sideswiped you tomorrow and you died, would you want your life to mean something or nothing at all? And if you think that being a part of this online revolution will make your life worthwhile, think again. It IS destructive. Instead of virtual reality, how about REALITY!!!! Just think! Istead of seeing 3d shots of basketball games, actually play one! With a REAL ball! Or go hiking, not web surfing! EXPERIENCE WHAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER, not technology. If you know me, I will still continue to play bass and other things, but I have a different view now. A better view. So, with this all said and done, Im going to go outside and take my dog on a walkabout. Perhaps I'll see ya out their somewhere in the world, or perhaps you will see me outside from your jail cell (a.k.a. your computer desk). Its your choice, think about it. Peace.

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