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Old & Lost Friend's Reunion Page

I have been to many places and have lost contact with many friends. This page lists the names of many of those friends. I am hoping that either some of those old friends or people who know them will stumble across this page while searching the net either for their name or for mine. 
OK - here is the list of names.   

Please respond if your name is on this list or if you know one of the people on this list.    


Stefan Alpers, Werner Bessei, Bernd Bogner, Willemien Breukelman, Carol Cook (Texas City), Claudio D'Arcangelo, Christian Dickschen, Gerd Duy, Martina Duy, Hans-Peter Ewers (Evers), Bertold Fischer, Werner Haeger, Klaus Hilbig, Veit Hoffmann, Siegfried Hofmann, Bob Ikin, Detlef Kanitz, Harald Kaufmann, Martin Koechy, Gary Kons, Olaf Lachmann, Ralf Langebartels, Heinfried Lankisch, Doron Latzer, Michael Luehr, Nancy Luehr, Ulrike Melchior, Fredi Meier, Jochen Oertel, Francisco Portero-Duran, Rolf Plagge, Horst Rienitz, Allan Rollinson, Erdmann Roloff, Nancy Schalm, Peter Seiler, Richard Straub,  Lam Tran, Joachim Venghaus, Barbara Warren, Cora Wettermann, Willy Wilson, Wulf Woehler, Sergey Zakusilo, Ralf Zielinski 
Sorry if I missed your name. If you think it should be here ... then you are probably right. Once in a while I remember somebody who is not on this list. I will then go into this page and add the name quickly.

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