Mathematical Constants

You will find lots of mathematical constants at Plouffe's Inverter, which is highly recommended. For example pi to 50.000.000 digits, 1/pi to 30.000.000, e to 5.000.000 digits, square roots to 1.000.000 digits. Mathematical sequences from ISC is found here and explanations to the mathematical constants are found at Mathsoft.

The constants from ISC are partly mirrored at the Swedish SUNET, where they also are compressed for faster download. To further simplify download, some of the "small" constants (in file size) have been put in compilations, so you will only have to download one large file instead of many small ones:
Constants related to logarithms and exponents (359 kb)
Constants related to gamma (Euler's constant) (350 kb)
Catalans constant to 1.500.000 digits (716 kb)
Miscellanous constants (290 kb)

Other math related stuff

DOS program to compute Fibonaci numbers (with Pascal source) (7 kb)
Mathematical functions (Turbo/Borland Pascal source as a unit) (1 kb)

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