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This page celebrates everything Redneck. There are links to all of those things that good 'ol boys and girls love!! Read on and enjoy!

Well here we are. This is part of my little contribution to the WWW. Take a break from your researching and waste time with some of these fun links. I've hit most of the redneck basics like beer, country music, and the Dukes of Hazzard.

Somewhere along the way being a good 'ol boy took on a negative connotation. I suppose it all depends on definitions. I do not live in a trailor park. Hell, I've never even been to one. I have indoor plumbing and no, I don't drive a pick-up truck....yet ;) But, I do think that there is something to being a southerner. I've travelled all around the US of A and love this country. I've lived in New England, New Jersey, and as far away as Puerto Rico. I have come to the conclusion that the South is the place to live. Virginia Beach, Virginia is a great place to live. My only complaint is the lack of snow. *Shrug*

Anyhow, I guess what appeals to me most about the south is the genuine warmness folks have. Southern hospitality is alive and well. Life is simple. Not dull...just simple. Strangers say hello to you and offer a smile. Politics around here are moderate to conservative. Southerners remember how it used to be fondly and miss the times when a man's word meant something. There was a time not so long ago when you said what you mean and meant what you said. Are these family values? You betcha! Where I come from there is no debate over family values like in other places. It's just not that complicated. There is right and there is wrong. And what I love most of all is "political correctness" has little place in southern dialogue. Somehwere along the way, being a moral person and personal responsibility lost their meaning among many in my generation. Am I a redneck? I dunno. But, I gotta tell ya, I wouldn't give up this way of life for any other.

Anyhow, enough of this talk. Go on and check out the links!!

Here they are, finally. I have tried to group them thematically. Enjoy!!


The milk of the cow may be good for the calf; but the fruit of the barley's for me!"

Shiner Bock is an awesome beer from Texas. We finally get it here in Virginia and it's pretty cheap! Have a Shiner!
Guinness. Truly the beer of the Gods. Best served at room temperature. Mmm Guinness!
Yuengling is gropwing in popularity. There are some good varieties. Yuengling.
Good ol' Budweiser. The King of beers. Well not really but its cheap, decent and always around. Bud
Beers of the World. This has a pretty good listing. BOTW
Mr. Jim Beam. God, he is like an uncle to me. BEAM
Ol' JD! This is like that buddy of yours that always wants one more. JD
Mmmm Soco. Sooo smoothe! SOCO
Fine Irish whiskey like Jameson's is soo hard to find. Whiskey


Lee is a co-worker who is the quintessential good 'ol boy. Lee
Hehehe with a name like Scooter this has to be good. Scooter
More Redneck fun stuff. Motor City
A Redneck ZINE. Red Zine

Woooo Doggy!! What we need here are some Country Music Links. Country music feels like "American" music to me. Contrary to most critical opinions, the lyricsa aren't all about a cowboy losing his house, wife, fishing pole or dog! A lot of them are? hell, most of em may be! But good country music tells a story that most folks can relate to. There are all kinds of country sounds, ranging from CHEESY stuff like Billy Ray to some good downhome sounds by folks like Traviss Tritt and Alabama. Here are a few links to some country artists that I like. Enjoy! Lots of Country!!
The Garth Man!!

I'll be adding new links as I come across them. If you can think of something that belongs here, drop me a line and I will see about making the link. In the meantime, have a nice day!


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