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The Marauder Drumline was and continues to be a great group of superb - albeit WARPED - players, whose primary reasons for being in MU's band are limited to having a most excellent time while playing some seriously challenging tunez. As you push onward, should you feel the sudden urge to join any part of the current Maruader Marching Unit or Marauder Drumline, then click HERE. To all other cool lines out there, "Roll on" and just keep in mind... it's not just about the cheeses... you also have to fashion the cadence after a hard-arse rock tune.

Memorable MU Drumline Mottos :
"HEAD!!" - The legendary Carrie Bouldosser
"Neuugent" - Mr. Sam Dillman
"STOP KACKING!!" - The honorable Drum Major of 97

M.U.D. Mementos

Past MUD members

Bass Drum's Top Ten List

Our Warm-ups & Performance Music

Old Pictures

Favorite MU Drummin' Links

"Music, Marching, and Band Links"
Drum Corps International (DCI)
The Ultimate Band List

* Click HERE to see where I first learned how to keep time!

Counter people were interested in seeing just how good them amish folk are at GAWKIN' OUT SOME SERIOUS COW PIE...

 (pretty sad, isn't it?!) 

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