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This Geocities website will soon be closed (free website space is rare) and will re-open on the Yahoo! Web Hosting site. Please Google "Earl Shortt" in the future. Thank you for your emails and patronage. Earl Shortt , B.A. (McMaster University), B.Ed. (University of Alberta), MicroComp Dipl. (Sheridan College), Industrial Engineering Dipl. (Mohawk College). Professional designations: C.E.T. (O.A.C.E.T.T.-Toronto), and O.C.T. (Ontario). Proud to be teaching High School:Math, Science, Information Processing and Communication Technology (Digital Media), for the last 11 years.

T-Rex (..or is this an Albertasaurus) and me....hmmm..

Canadian Rockies ---- photo by Earl Shortt (tripod-remote)

Apple Canada website recognizes my Teaching accomplishments Integrating Technology into the Curriculum 2001 Mar-Apr issue-TEACH magazine

Ontario "TEACH" Magazine also recognizes (published article) my Teaching accomplishments Integrating Technology into the Curriculum (go to page 39 in the pdf file)...it's a long download

My Name is EARL! -TV Show

Big EARL 96.3 -Country & Western Music Station


EARL's Restaurant chain


DALLAS COWBOYS (5 Super Bowl rings)

"Leafs Nation" rules! -TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS (13 Stanley Cups, second to no one, well...except the Montreal Canadians)

TORONTO RAPTORS (The only Canadian team in the NBA)

TORONTO BLUE JAYS (The only Canadian team in the Major Leagues--Record: 2 MLB WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIPS...BACK-2-BACK)

HAMILTON TIGER-CATS (15 Grey Cups in Hamilton, my hometown)

Star Trek Universe---So far, Star Trek XI has made over $375 Million! Entire main cast has signed on for a sequel due out in 2011-12.

NIKON ROCKS! ...see the New Nikon D3X & D5000

National Hockey League...#1 in the world!

[center] Jelena Mrdjenovich-Canadian WBC Super Featherweight Champ and surrounding Jelena, some of the 2006 Canadian Womens' Rugby Team ----photo below by Earl Shortt (can't tell you why they were all laughing)

Trek world mate

IRB Women's Rugby World Cup 2006 Champions:New Zealand ----photo below by Earl Shortt

Dr. Farah Palmer (the New Zealand Black Ferns captain) proudly holds the Championship cup on her knee.

IRB Women's Rugby World Cup 2006 Champions: New Zealand (in black) ----photo below by Earl Shortt

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Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling

POLARIS 24 Convention attendees: casting call info...click here, then go to the bottom of that page for updates.

We are looking for actors (especially with costumes)with Theatre experience, click above. The 2 sci-fi character pictures below, compliments of TCON Polaris 21.

Josephine Shortt June 2, 1927 - March 31, 2008


" Amor est vitae essentia "

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