There are thousands of descendant of Henry True and we would like to get them all listed on line. If you have any information that we have missed or any corrections please contact the people listed at the end of this listing. His parents as shown are subject to some difference of opinion as are birth and place of birth. His first marriage is also subject to verification.

Henry was born Henry Trew, the son of John Trew and Jane Garret, in Caister-On-Sea, Filby Parish, Norfolk, England in the year 1591. He may have had a brother Richard. Henry True, the immigrant from England was the Master of a small ship, RETURNE, that hauled molasses and rum from the West Indies. He is believed to have emigrated to America in 1630 with the fleet of Sir Richard Saltonstall. There are numerous records of Henry True and the "Returne", his vessel, sailing in and out of Virginia. Due to his early arrival in the Colonies, and the fact that few ships were built in America prior to 1641, Henry would have sailed to the New World on his own vessel and continued making his livlihood carrying freight and/or passengers. (The average length of a ketch built in the 1600s in England was 40 to 50 feet. Passenger capacity was 20 to 25 persons.)

His first wife Mary Newale (married 25 July 1615) and child Ann may have died on a trip from the West Indies (Barbados). No record has been found of wife or daughter in the USA.

He was married in 1643 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts to Israil Pike. Israil was the daughter of John Pike and Dorothy Day. Henry was a full member of Puritan Church (Congregational) while residing in Salem. He held waterfront land in Salem prior to moving to Salisbury, which a vessel owner would find very convenient.

Henry died before Oct 4, 1659 in Salisbury,Essex, Massachusetts. There is no burial record for Henry. (It is possible that Henry died at Salisbury, but less evidence to support that position than the death at sea theory. He may have died at sea off the coast of Barbados.per Bruce True) His will indicated that he owed 9f (pounds) for a vessel. Israel and Henry had seven children (John, Henry B., Mary, Lydia,Joseph,Benjamin, and Jemima), four of whom had no children that we know of.

This is a sketch of a ship similar to the RETURNE. It was built in England about 200 years later than the ship our Henry sailed to the United States on.

This is a sketch of the Salem, Massachusetts waterfront in 1650, it was the home port of Henry True where he owned a waterfront lot and house.

The majority of this information I received from Jim Jackson who has been collecting the True Family Tree for a long long time. He has documentation and information from many sources.

This information is from Bruce True: "John Trew and Jane True are recorded as buried in Caister. Jane was buried May 26, 1593 and John was buried June 26, 1593. Henry was two years old at this time. He must have been reared by others. Another supporting position that Henry came from Caister-on-Seas, Filby area is that in the tradition of Old English ways, he named his first-born son after his paternal grandfather, John."

Soon we will have a list of those is willing to help with their families line. Jim, Cathy and Pat have the entire line so check with them first.

Jim Jackson
Catherine Murray
Pat Dietrich


1  Henry (Trew) True	1591-1659
   + Mary Newale	
   2  Ann Trew	1615- 

   2nd Wife of Henry (Trew) True:	
   + Israel (Isriel) Pike	1620-1678/79
   2  John True	1645-1679 
      + Unknown	
   2  Henry True	1645/46-1735
      + Jane Bradbury	1645-1728/29
      3 Mary True 1668-1723
        + Ephraim Eaton	1663-1723         
      3 William True 1670-1732/33
	+ Eleanor Stevens  1674/75 - 1768
      3 Henry True 1672/73 - 1722
        + Abigell French	1675 - 1736          
      3 Jane True 1676 - 1714/15
        + Edward French	1672 - 1730
      3 John True 1677/78 - 1754
        + Martha Merrill	1683 - 1754
        *2nd Wife of John True:
        + Sarah Clough	1686 - 1743           
      3  Jemima True	1679/80 - 1700 
             + Thomas Bradbury	1674 -
      3  Jabez True	1681/82 - 
      3 Jabez True	1686 - 1749
        + Sarah Tappan	1689 - 1767        	
    2  Mary (baptismal date) True	1646/47 - 
    2  Lydia (baptismal date) True	1648/49 - 1673 
    2  Joseph True	1650/51 - 1718
       + Ruth Whittier	1651 - 1719           
    2  Benjamin True	1652/53 - 1673  
    2  Jemima True	1657 - 1737
       + John March 1657/58-

Shows the last known person in a True line.

Descended from John Trew; Henry Trew; Henry B. True; John; Ezechiel; Ezekiel; William; Herbert W.; Herbert C.; Mary

and our collateral line (#3 Jabez True and Sarah Tappan page 8) John Trew; Henry Trew; Henry B. True; Jabez; Samuel; Mary; Ezekiel; William; Herbert W. Herbert C.; Mary

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