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Welcome to my Wellness page.  I hope you will enjoy the new look and what you find within these pages.  They are designed to help you find Physical, Financial, Mental, and Spiritual Wellness.  Come back and tell your friends about this page.    Sincerely, Kathy of Kathy4Wellness.

Our Mission

Kathy4Wellness arrived when friends kept asking me questions about Nutrition and Health issues that deal with alternative ways to supplement their non-balanced life-styles.  As I began explaining to one, then two, I thought it a good idea to write them down for others to gain the benefits of them, too.

Here is what Cronic Pain Support said about this website:  

"Side Effects, Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Migraines, High Blood Pressure, Fibromyalgia, Scleroderma, Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Standards, Children's Health Issues, Inspirational Articles, Insomnia...Fantastic overviews!

"We weren't exactly sure if this web home could even be categorized.  There is a feeling of support and positive outlook that runs throughout this entire web home.  For everyone...you...your family...friends...."

Since there are hundreds of thousands of us out there that never eat a completely balanced meal that we could ever hope to come from the Food Pyramid, it is essential that we supplement our meals with some form of nutritional products.

I hope you will search and find a great company that carry products to do this because I have found one for my family.  Good health in your search.

Contact Information

Contact me for any information that you will need.  I have an extensive library of Nutritional sources and reference materials that I believe would help anyone on just about any subject.  You will find many sources, here, and links that will help you, too.  If you have questions, contact me here.

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