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No page entitled Horsepower would be complete without mentioning Jim Oddy and his 54 Corvette Pro Mod which was currently driven by Fred Hahn at Englishtowns Raceway Park on 4/25/99 to become the first ever Pro Mod to run a 6.22 @ 222.88mph Making it the quickest and fastest Pro Mod ever.

The 54 Corvette's Chassis was built by G-Force Race Cars of Tonawanda, New York and is powered by an Oddy's Automotive 526 cid supercharged Chevy which produces 2000+hp that is routed through a Jeffco transmission to spin the 16" centerlines that are wrapped with monsterous 34.5x17x16 Hoosier slicks. My congratulations to Jim Oddy, Fred Hahn, The crew chief Billy Leverentz and the rest of the crew that made this historic event possible.

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