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Radio Control Large Scale Military Vehicle Modeling

Large scale Radio Control Tanks and Military Vehicles. That is what this page is about. Nothing else. I intend this to be a source and place of exchange for technical, artistic and general information pertaining to the construction, planning and operation of large scale radio control military vehicle models and static large scale armor subjects of exceptional quality; primarily but not limited to tanks.



New Military Modeling Forum!

If you are active in Military Model Engineering join the new Forum! If you machine parts, cast, press or otherwise whittle metal bits into tanks this is for you! Also if you wish to get in touch with me you may do so there.

Most of you know Geocities will be going away in a short while. I hope I have something lined up to host this site; at least while I find it a suitable home. I was hoping the Yahoo landlords would open up the FTP functionality to help us freebies more efficiently save our files/structures but so far that hasn't happened. So keep your fingers crossed That AGW will live on. Jerry 07/27/2009

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I decided to give the Hetzer its own page, updated 08/26/2009 Hetzer.

Hetzer project....


Yet another long standing project: Panther Ausf F.

Panther F project....


Here now!, another long standing project: JagdPanther.

JagdPanther project....Updated 07/27/2009!


It's old home week as I have pulled a model that I've let languish far too long. See as Jerry finally gets going!.

King Tiger project....Updated 06/30/2009!


SturmTiger Project-Updated 03/01/2009!!


Maier Panther model Rebuild project..Updated!.

In an attempt to reduce the throughput overhead by dragging down photos on the index page I've moved all of the gearbox photos and information to their own page so click the link below to access it. Thanks and enjoy. Jerry.

Gearbox information and photos---UPDATED 04/04/2009!!!!

I've moved photo progression and discussion of my casting work to its own page; check on in on this also once in a while as I decide just what I'll do next... Thanks again and enjoy. Jerry.

Casting sparks and smoke...

Newest members of the tank shed!

First is a 1:10 PzKw I from Nils Hermann. What a wonderful modell! I am so pleased to have this in my collection. I waited for this one for some time and it was worth it!

This second photo shows a 1/10 scale KV-1. Since I received the wonderful KV-2 a while back and had it pictured in this very spot the maker, one very, Very talented man in the Ukraine saw it and contacted me. What a marvelous bit of good luck; the KV-1 is just as great as the KV-2!! I just love this and his( her?) brother with the 152mm. If you are in the U.S. and are interested in obtaining a model from this man please contact me and we will discuss it..

This shows the KV-1 from the top.

"Mutt and Jeff"

This photo shows the huge size difference between my self made 1:10 model of the King Tiger and Nils' 1:10 PzKw1. I recognize they are worlds and years apart but it was more than that...they were a war apart.



Attention! I'm trying to thin out the resources on this site to stay within the storage limits and while in progress some image links may become broken. I really need to make some of the more dense images lighter. If there is something that stays broken ( meaning I forgot to fix it ) please let me know. Your patience is appreciated. Jerry


New Service Offering!

I've decided that I will offer a limited service for repairing and rebuilding 1:10 scale tanks! I can say I specialize in Maier's Panther tanks. His vintage Panthers from the mid 1970's until his last of the later 1980's. I've basically seen and repaired just about everything he's made. I've completely repaired and rebuilt about 20 of the Webra 6,5ccm ( .40 ) blackhead engines. I've rebuilt several of the multispeed gearboxes and three variations of them. But I've also scratch built several models, I have a complete enough foundry for aluminum parts and machine shop. I find I enjoy repairing 1:10 models. I think my work speaks for itself. Not only do I repair but I improve the models I work on. I offer the following:

Complete overhaul and repair of gas or electric powered 1:10 scale model tanks; Maier Panthers are a specialty
Modifications and enhancements to existing models per your specifications
Repair of Webra 6,5 backhead with integral cooler ( special crankshaft)
Custom fabrication of 1:10 scale tank parts as per your specifications

If you have a 1:10 scale model in need of repairs contact me and I'll give you an idea what is involved. I have 30 years experience in rc model armor. If you wish to see examples of my work that is in addition to what is found within this site let me know. Please Note: I do NOT sell complete models; I only offer limited repair or minor fabrication services.Contact me( Please check the email address to remove anti spam block)

NEW! Links Page!!!

The general info page follows:

Give me more info about large scale tank models!

More photos, links and past newsletters.


Show where to get these wonders!

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