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It is with deepest regret that we pass along the following message received from our former skipper, Emmett G McCarthy's daughter:
Iím trying to inform dadís crew that he passed away on Friday, May 1, 2009. Dad was Captain from May 19, 1966 through July 26, 1968. He took the ship to Southeast Asia.
Those of you who attended the 1997 reunion will remember how much his presence added to the event. He served two tours aboard Half Moon, first as XO and later as her CO. He was a fine officer and an excellent leader who was admired by all of us who had the honor of serving with him.

We have been notified by our site provider that they will be ceasing operations some time this summer. If anyone from the crew would like to find a new home for the site and take over its administration, please let me know at
If no one volunteers the site will meet the same fate as the ship - cut up for scrap!

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NavyExpeditionary Medal for service onboard between
1 Feb 1962 and24 Feb 1962 while undergoing Refresher
Training at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

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Rank Commanding Officer Date Assumed Command Date Relieved
CommanderW. O. Gallery, USN June 15, 1943June 16, 1944
CommanderJ. I. Bandy, USN June 16, 1944October, 1945
CommanderC.H.B. Morrison, USN October, 1945September 4, 1946
CommanderGilbert I. Lynch September 14, 1948August 1, 1950
CommanderJohn Forney August 1, 1950January 3, 1952
Lt.Comdr.Raphael T. A. McKenzie January 3, 1952September 6, 1952
LCDR/CDRGeorge Downing September 6, 1952November 24, 1953
CommanderSamuel G. Guill November 24, 1953June 1, 1955
Lt.Comdr.Daniel J. Scalabrini June 1, 1955August 25, 1955
CommanderClifford S. Gerde August 25, 1955August 3, 1956
CommanderHenry P. Kniskern, Jr. August 3, 1956 July 10, 1958
CommanderJoe L. Horne July 10, 1958 September 27, 1960
CommanderWilliam J. Zinck September 27, 1960August 23, 1962
CommanderJay P. Dayton August 23, 1962 June 25, 1964
CommanderDonby J. Mathieu June 25, 1964 May 19, 1966
CommanderEmmett G. McCarthy May 19, 1966July 26, 1968
CommanderSamuel M. Moore III July 26, 1968July 15, 1969

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