I graduated from Central Catholic High School in Oakland, Pennsylvania. Then, I went to the University of Minnesota. After a couple years, I transferred to the University of Pittsburgh. My major is Biological Sciences with minors in Business & Computer Science. In my spare time, I coach kids in sports & do sign language for my church.

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Colors: Orange, Blue

Movies: A Few Good Men, Nine Months, Good Will Hunting, Aladdin, Training Day, Gladiator, Oceans 11

Ballets: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Beauty & The Beast

Authors: Stephen King, Tom Clancy

My Poem!

"Touching Curves"

I want the touching curves

the gazing eyes,

the smell of sweet perfume


I want the evenings long

and dark

as only the moon would allow

and the taste

of heaven's golden milk

upon my lips and tongue.

I want the skin

that held my hands

and made them poets

writting passion

(For the mercy of the ache

that fills my heart).

I want the love again,

the touching curves,

the moistened breath

colliding gently with my face.

I want love's arms

wrapped ' round my soul

hiding me from life.

People I've Driven In The Limo:

**98 Degrees (Music)

*Moises Alou (Baseball)

*Neil Armstrong (Astronaut)

*Jeff Bagwell (Baseball)

*Howard Baldwin (Ex-Owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins)

*William Baldwin (Actor)

*Jason Bere (Baseball)

*Jerome Bettis (Football)

*Jeff Blauser (Baseball)

*Brother Matt (WAMO)

*Carol Burnett (Actress)

*Mike Caruso (Baseball)

*Luis Castillo (Baseball)

*Cher (Actress/Singer)

*D'Angelo (Music)

*John Davidson (Hockey)

*Ryan Dempster (Baseball)

*Cliff Floyd (Baseball)

*Vladimir Guerrero (Baseball)

*Jack Ham (Football)

*Richard Hildalgo (Baseball)

*DL Hughley (Comedy)

*Chris Jericho (WWF)

*Darius Kasparaitis (Hockey)

*Kid Capri (Def Comedy Jam)

*Korn (Music)

*Brian Leetch (Hockey)

*Mario Lemieux (Hockey)

*Liz Phair (Music)

*Johnnie Majors (Football)

**Mankind (WWF)

*Dan Marino (Football)

*Roger Marino (Ex-Owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins)

*Suzie McConnell (Basketball/Olympics)

*Fred McGriff (Baseball)

*Ed McMahon (TV)

*Steve Miller (Music)

*Moody Blues (Music)

*Alexsey Morozov (Hockey)

*Austin Peck (Days of our Lives)

*Yorkis Perez (Baseball)

*Desi Relaford (Baseball)

*Stephan Richer (Hockey)

*Larry Richert (KDKA)

*Cathy Rigby (Actress/Gymnist)

*Art Rooney Jr. (Owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers)

*Rusted Root (Music)

*Bill Simas (Baseball)

*Smash Mouth (Music)

*Paul Spadafora (Boxing)

*Spinners (Music)

*Kordell Stewart (Football)

**Sugar Ray (Music)

*Greg Vaughn (Baseball)

*Jose Vidro (Baseball)

*Ray Vinson (President of American Equity Loan)

*Sally Wiggin (WTAE)

*Preston Wilson (Baseball)

*Kerry Wood (Baseball)


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