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Peter Replaced For One Show!
Peter was replaced by his drum technician for a show in Columbus,USA recently.
Peter complained about sore muscles and was replaced by his technician, who also had the Cat makeup on!!
Peter is back on the road though.

More On Ace Signature Guitars
Looks like there will be more models of the Ace Frehley Signature guitar!
Ace's Signature guitar will be the only triple-pickup sunburst that Gibson will make.
They are going to come out with three separate models - a high-end custom shop model,
a mid-priced model made at the regular Gibson plant and an Epiphone model for young kids
who can't afford an expensive guitar.
There will be an Ace Frehley guitar for everybody!

New Album
Several sources now confirms that Kiss will begin working on the new studio album in October.
McGhee Entertainment stated that the band has started writing new material.
They have been talking to producers (also Eddie Kramer).
"We want it to be best of possible Kiss records.That's why it can take the time it needs.
We leave nothing out. " - Gene.
"I think it's important that we stick to what we do best,hard rock'n'roll. No sound and style
experiment like on "The Elder" - our least successful record." - Ace.
The record will be released in the beginning of next year and will probably be followed
by a new world-tour.

What about COS?
Some of you might wonder what happens to "Carnival of Souls" - the unreleased record
Kiss recorded in 1995 with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer.
"We don't know. Maybe we'll put it on the big Kiss-box we're planning for next year." - Gene.

Remastered Ace Frehley Solo Album
The Ace Frehley Kiss solo album is being re-issued and re-mastered in Japan.
The sound quality is completely re-mastered and sounds incredible!!
It will be available from March 26th.

NY Jam
At the New York Kiss Convention in April, it has been confirmed that Eric Singer,
Richie Scarlet and John Regan will be jumping on stage to perform a few Kiss classics, together!

Eric Carr's Rockheads
Check out Eric Carr's Rockheads animation first time anywhere at
Tell them Kiss Paralyzer sent you!!!
Eric drew all the ink animation you see. Their actual sizes are at least 2 feet x 2 feet.
This site will be updated with many more wonderful pieces of Eric's artwork in the near future.
There are also a series of beautiful ballads and heavy rock tunes written by Eric, and performed
with Bruce Kulick. Eric and Bruce laid down many tracks together consisting of lead vocals
and backing tracks.... all instruments played by Eric and Bruce.
These tracks were laid down in Eric's New York appartment, and are of great sound quality.
One of the most beautiful ballads performed is called Tiara. This song will possibly be
released in the near future.
The site is on authorization by the Carr family, for all of Eric's fans to enjoy!

Kiss Coins
There is an awesome Kiss collectible due out any day now.
It is a set of 4 silver Kiss coins! They are without a doubt the nicest Kiss coins produced to date.
These coins are going to be an officially licensed item.
The coins will come in a nicely designed box, most likely all black with the silver saw blade
1996-7 Worldwide Tour logo, and there is going to be a coin for each member.
The front of the coin is a portrait of the band member with the Kiss logo running up one side,
and the members name surrounds the top. The back of each coin is the Kiss logo with the saw blade.
They will probably be sold in sets, and the cost will be $100 or more.
There will also be a Limited Edition Silver set of all four coins, including a booklet. Limited to 3500.
There will also be a Limited Edition Gold set. The coins will be silver with the makeup in gold.
Limited to 1000.

Kiss Special
The new Metal Edge Kiss Special, titled "Kiss Rocks The World", will be realeased April 8th.
Metal Edge Magazine will be combining a Kiss-special with the full-format KISSNATION
and comic book.
The complete special will contain over 200 pages!

Kiss Expo
Mainline's Chicago Kiss Expo
Where: Hillside Holiday Inn
When: September 28th
Special Guest: Bill Aucoin
Tribute Band: Destroyer and Dave "The One Man Kiss Band" Wildsmith.

Official Rock Soldier Mailing List
Join the OFFICIAL mailing list of the Rock Soldier Fan Club.
This list will allow you to SEND and RECEIVE posts to other Ace Frehley fans.
To subscribe to the OFFICIAL ROCK SOLDIER MAILING LIST....send an e-mail message to: with the following text..... subscribe acelist ..... in the body of
the message. No subject line is necessary.
After a couple of days you should be receiving posts from Ace fans around the world,
including the Dark Light news letter and passwords,deals and exclusive information.

Trading Cards
The initial Preview Set of nine cards will retail for $12.
The Master Set of 90 cards will retail for $17.
There will be special cards issued for magazine articles.
The cards will cover the entire history of the band, including the non-makeup era.
The cards will also include text, ranging from biographies, trivia, tour dates, discography,
instruments and collectibles.

Ace on GuitarWorld cover
Ace Frehley will be on an upcomong GuitarWorld cover.
The marathon photosession took place in a New York studio on February 18th.
Ace will probably appear on the cover along with ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons!

There may be a Nintendo game by summer! (Rumour!)

Kiss & Sell
Billboard Books releases an eyewitness account of the rise and decline of
the 70's most provocative rock band.
Throughout the book,author C.K. Lendt's cool approach to unbelievable - yet true - tales
of day-today chaos brought on by these four rock stars offers the reader an usually
candid insight into their eccentric lifestyles.
The book is a dream-read for anyone seeking more than a glimpse into the decadent world
of rock and roll.

KISS & SELL: The Making Of a Supergroup
By C.K.Lendt
352 pages
$24.95 hardcover
$18.95 paperback
50,000 first printing
Publishing date: June 1,1997

These are the US dates tentative as of January 30 '97:
7-Mexico City
8-Mexico City
14-Buenos Aires
21-New Haven,CT
27-State College,PA
4-Chapel Hill,NC
9-Fort Wayne,IN
10-Grand Rapids,MI
11-East Lansing,MI
12-Toledo,OH or Peoria,IL
13-Peoria,IL or Carbondale,IL
16-St Louis,MO
17-Topeka, K
18-Souix Falls,SD
20-Cedar Rapids,IA
Group Photo
10-San Fransisco,CA

Kiss and Spawn
There may be a Spawn/Kiss comic, and Kiss may contribute to the Spawn movie, due out in August.

Greatest Kiss in the US
Look for Mercury Records to release Greatest Kiss in the US on April 8th.
It is still to be decided if it will have the same track listing as in Europe.

Kiss BIG in Japan! >
Kiss filmed a commercial for a magazine while they where in Japan.
In the commercial everything was miniatyrized, making them look even bigger than they
already are.

Paul's Solo Shandi
Paul will be playing an electric Shandi solo only for the Australian shows.
Just Paul and an electric guitar, nothing else.... should be cool!
Also, the band will arrive at each city in full make-up and costumes since there
will be such huge press coverage of every move they make.

Greatest Kiss goes platinum in OZ
The Australian sales charts has Greatest Kiss listed at number 47 with a
Platinum certification next to it. That means a cool 70,000 copies sold.
Their first platinum album since Unmasked, in Australia.

Ace's Guitar
Gibson only made 300 Ace Frehley Signature guitars and they are all sold out
to dealers. Check your local dealer for availability.

Shout it out loud on UK Mag-CD
The '96 live-version of Shout it out loud has been included on the CD for
the February issue of UK mag Guitarist.
The mag also includes an interview with Paul and Ace, and has Ace on the cover.

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