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I set up this website as a way of getting in contact with new and old pals. Friends are the most precious things we have in this life and I want them to keep in touch with me easily.

Im trying to learn how to be single again after the end of a 4 years partnership. Ill have strange days ahead , but thats the way life is.
Hello People,

Im a brazilian guy who lives in Rio de Janeiro. Although Im not a bear myself (at least, not the classical type), I simply love those husky, furry, big men. Thats why Im quite known in the brazilizan bear comunity.

Im one of the founders of
Ursos do Rio (the Rio de Janeiro Bear Club).  We usually have one or two meetings each month and we love to receive visitors. So, if youre coming to Rio, feel free to contact us. Well welcome you the best way we can.

If you want any information about bears in Brazil, you can check the
Ursos do Brasil Portal. There you can find news and addresses of all brazilian bear clubs. If you want other URL about gays & bears in Brazil or Latin America, check my links page.
Everton (a.k.a Lovelier):
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Ursos do Rio
(Bears of Rio)
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Ursos do Brasil
(Bears of Brazil)
I know I was supposed to write a little more about myself, but Im a lazy guy and these few lines ought to be enough by now!