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Welcome to the site that had two million visitors and still hasn't got it's author a date (excluding one American who brought his sister)!

For people who care about that sort of thing: I'm 36, 6'2.5" (1.89m) and a bit under 15 stone (210lbs, which is 95kg). Used to swim 50 lengths before work every morning but, over the last few years, have started going to the gym. Now - other than my weedy arms - I look superb but would probably die running for a bus. Used to play second row in rugby, but there days prefer to watch. Tried ju-jitsu but seem to have limp wrists (!) and ju-jitsu is all about grabbing people by the wrists. Enjoy wilderness travel (especially deserts - I can ride camels). Plan to try rowing this summer. Know how to shoot straight (if I can see the target - I have bad eye-sight and normally wear glasses). Love being massaged, and also know how to do it. Don't smoke and drink very lightly. The photo above - David as War Criminal - was taken in January 1999. I was trying to get a posterised effect with the scanner.....

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