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There are certain requirements that have become traditional, if something as recent as the web can be said to have traditions, for personal home pages. When I eventually get a round Tuit they'll all appear here: the "me" page; the links; the bits that never work and, of course, the cat.

[NB Unsolicited Tuits will ber returned at the suppliers risk. I shall aquire my Tuit in my own good time, thank you very much.]

The Labyrinth starts here

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An alternative index. This is essentially an experimental page and the chances that it won't work at any given time are quite high.


The details

Web Links

Other sites


People I know on the net, or who just have interesting pages


This could be boring.


You should be warned...


If there's a GLB connection and it isn't already on another page then it's here.


To use the links on this page you will need:

  1. Access to a news server.
  2. and the server must carry the specified newsgroup.
  3. A web browser with integral newsreader such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.
  4. OR
    A browser that can be configured to call up a separate news reading application.

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