...was my question so horrible ? I hope you will enjoy my page and me !!!

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Updated this pages, March 23th,1998

Well time is passing very quickly and ten years later 2007

More about me today Me today

My Life

For Years I have wanted to share with everyone my wonderful life experiences, and now, I have the chance!, so sit back, take time and enjoy!

Over the years, I have kept a detailed diary of different and special events in my life, and now thanks to the Internet and GeoCities, I can share them all!.

So enjoy my homepage!!!

more about me

All about Me


Height: 5'9"
Eye Color: Blue
Dress Size: 12
Hair Color: Brunette, I like it long
Sex: Male. No, Female. Oh, I don't know
Status: Single


Walks, hand in hand, under the moonlight.
Slipping into my favorite lingerie
Sitting near the fire place in long wintertime's, sipping on wine and cuddling.
Going out for dinner, romantic restaurant, in formal wear with the right person

Getting a Rose

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!!!

Cooking and Household


Smoking of any kind.
People who are rude.
People who do not answer Email.
People who do not allow me to be myself. Pantyhose that run 15 minutes before you are supposed to leave the house.
Shaving in the morning and any time


Color: Black, second favorite: blue
Actress: Nike Nolte
Food: Seafood, Pizza
Perfume: Lanc�me Paris "Tr�sor" or Davidoff "Cool water" for woman
Lipstick: rose, it�s up of the date
Eye Makeup Color: Blue
Dance: Waltz
Musical Artist: Mike Oldfield, Pink Floyd
Mixed Drink: Manhattan
Hobbies: Men, Painting, all kinds of Art, museums, theatre, travelling....

Click on the Outfit to see my pictures:

Outfit; day to day wear: My short skirts

Outfit; working at home: household and cooking I like it!!!

Outfit; for the candlelight dinner: I like candlelight dinners

Outfit; Gardenparty these summer �97: I like these pics, what are you thinking about!!!

Sabina's Photo Album

Over the years, boyfriends and friends have had fun taking pictures of me, and some of them are "model" quality :-)), or so they say :-|, so if you are interested in seeing more pictures, then this is were to look.

I have pictures scanned and if you would like to take a peak, come on by!

Well time is passing very quickly and ten years later 2007 you can see how things and me have changed,if you are interesting this is were to look.

My own site on net www.transgenders.tk

Sabina's Links to Other Sites

Please Note, due to the number of people I have been linking with, I have decided to make this special reference page, so if you would like to see my friends on the net
Press Here: please if you will be my friend on net send me a nice mail and I will put you on my reference page

Drop me a line with your thoughts, questions, and comments

Look how many people have been here so far, thanks for dropping by!

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� Sabine D., Sept.1997

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