Smitty & Patti's Vacation
Oct/Nov 1997
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1Hotel room in San Jose
2Starting out from San Jose
3Windmills near Livermore
4Captured Ape !
5Patti at Sam's, near Placerville
6Marshall Smitty
7Russian River, along highway 50
8Russian River, along highway 50
9Lover's Leap
10West Lake Tahoe (near Emerald Bay)
11Smitty near Emerald Bay
12Emerald Bay
13Patti near Emerald Bay
14Fantasy Inn (outside)
15Fantasy Inn (inside)
16South Lake Tahoe (from Harrah's)
17Winning ! !
18East Lake Tahoe
19Patti taking in East Lake Tahoe
20Smitty at East Lake Tahoe
21Rock Scrambling
22King of the Hill
23Carson Valley
24Approaching the ghost town of Bodie
25Mine hoist engine
26Green Street, downtown Bodie
27Bodie Gold Mine
28Slanted outhouse
29Slanted store front
30Old Methodist Church
31Window shopper
32General store
34Bodie Historical Marker
35Mono Lake at dusk
36Our Yosemite cabin in Curry Village
37The Arches
38The Apron
39Vernal Falls (only a trickle)
40Patti near Vernal Falls
41Hugs near Vernal Falls
42Patti at base of Vernal Falls pool
43Smitty at base of Vernal Falls pool
44Looking up Vernal Falls from the pool
45Vernal Falls pool
46Vernal Falls (just a trickle in November)
47Vernal Falls pool from trail
48Looking down Vernal Falls from top
49Mike & Patti at top of Vernal Falls
50Patti by a little falls, on the upper Merced
51Liberty Cap
52Nevada Falls from the John Muir Trail
53Inspiration Point
54Patti & Santa
55Half Dome at sunset
56Half Dome at dusk
57Smitty at glacier Point at sunset
58Liberty Cap & Nevada Falls at dusk
59Tenyah Canyon at dusk
60Smitty, fireside at Mammoth challet
61Patti at Blondie's for breakfast
62Smitty at Blondies for breakfast
63The Mammoth (trying not to step on Patti)
64Patti & the Mineretts
65Devil's Postpile
66Devil's Postpile
67Patti at bottom of Devil's Postpile
68Patti at top of Devil's Postpile
69Sierra View from White Mountains
70Sierra View from White Mountains
71Sierra View from White Mountains
72Ancient Bristle Cone Forrest
73Patti by an ancient bristle cone tree
74Smitty by an ancient bristle cone tree
75Bristle Cones
76A Local resident of the White Mountains
77Jane & Patti
78Lance & Jane
79Self Portrait
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