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Cross Country Girl!!!

(Don't look at me like that, I'm not stupid)



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Maaany! people have visited all of my awesome sites/pages since Saturday, June 22, 1996!!! That's a lot, huh?

Hi! My name is Chinelo (chin-NELL-oh) and this is my cross country running page and cross country skate skiing page.

I started running when I was in 8th grade. I continued running into high school. I graduated from Hopkins High School in Minnetonka, Minnesota in June of 1997. Oh, yeah, I'm from Maple Grove, Minnesota, which is about 14 (roughly) miles outside Minneapolis. I'm a 20 year old girl, which I just turned on June 6th, so I'm still officially legal!!!  Now I'm at Macalester College, and I have continued my cross country career here. For more information on me and all I represent, jaunt it over to here. cross country team. I'm sure you have noticed my attractive background. The patch was taken directly off of my high school letter jacket. My high school had the coolest letter jackets. The colors are royal blue and silver (well, it's actually more of a grey color, but... well, who cares?) and the jackets were cool at the time. Now, I think letter jackets are kind of stupid, but what can ya do? I'll scan my jacket (uh, just kidding) and post it up here. Come back for that, ok? Promise? Cool!!!

Well, I'm too lazy to say anything about The Hopkins Royals Cross Country Team right now, so check out this link. Or this one, too, I guess. The latter is more up-to-date. But the former has cool pictures (oh, don't I sound smart?). So check out both!

I will also have something about the Macalester Scots Cross Country Team when I get around to that. But until I do, check out this link. The team is awesome in my humble opinion. I like it much better than my high school team because the college team is so much more together-oriented. The guys team actually acknowledges the girls team (yes, I am saying that at HHS, the girls and guys refuse to interract unless the runners happen to be fast [I was about to make some type of joke here, but I'll leave that alone]). That is the way it should be.

In addition to joining the Mac Scots Cross Country Running Team, I also joined the Macalester Scots Cross Country Skiing Team. I really like the skiing program at Mac because it is really individualized. I didn't want to race last year and that was okay with the coach because there are two teams within this larger one. There is the racing team and the “developmental team.” Technically, I'm on the “developmental team” because I wasn't racing, but that team is for the people who want to learn how to ski, for people to ski to stay in shape for other sports (like CC running), and for people who just want to ski for fun. Also, it's for people who want to be in a sport for the free Mac sweatpants.

You know what? I read Runner's World. That magazine is cookin' with gas! Their web site is pretty cool, and you can even win stuff! So check it out!

Oh, I've got my own chat room now. Please go check it out. I spent so much time copying the coding onto the's the least you can do.

This used to be a new addition to the CC Girl's Place.  It has since become older. This is a list of Running Rules.  I saw some in an old Runner's World magazine and I found myself going, "Yes!  Yes!  I totally agree!" etc., and I really liked how universal they all were.  Some of them are kind of funny, too.  I also added in some of my own and some from people who have been on this page like you (however, I must admit that I'm not so fast in posting the quotes that I've gotten—I've been really busy with school lately. However, I plan to get my act together really soon.).

This is the current new addition to CC Girl's Place. It is jam-packed with running related quotes that I found in various places. It is titled Running Quotes, and I think you should go check it out. They are very inspiring. I also take submissions for this section, too (however, once again, the whole “not fast, get act together” thing applies here, too).

Here are my Running Resources that I compiled.

And here are the long awaited Cross Country Skiing Resources that I compiled.

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Well, I'm gonna leave now. See ya later when you come back (and you WILL come back)!!! Oh, but hey, before I go, I want to remind you to sign my Guest Book so I know people are coming to my page. In the comment area, besides your raves and stuff, tell me which page you were looking at. This one is called the Wonderfully Great CC Girl Page. Thanks! PLEASE TELL ME WHICH PAGE YOU ARE LOOKING AT!!! The guestbook serves more than one site, and I like to know exactly which one people are talking about. So many people sign the guest book, but not many of them has told me “Hey, I was looking at the cross country page.” That's really confusing.

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